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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Yes. I would have bid 2H. Given his initial pass, I'm thinking along the lines of 2C - 2H - 2S - 3D - 4NT etc.
3D does not show any more than a 3 card suit, so it's presumptuous to bid 4NT ace-asking, if that is what it is (I would play it as natural because we have not agreed a trump suit). Plus you do not have any more than you showed with your 2C bid. Assuming you are playing Acol, that shows 23+ if balanced, so you are minimum. Therefore it is not really your position to be driving to slam. Partner could have xx Qxxxx Axxx Jx. Even 3NT is not certain to make.

I suggest 2C - 2H - 2NT - 3D - 3H (this must show doubleton support as you did not raise immediately) - 4D (showing at least 5 - 5 and slam interest, otherwise would have passed 3NT). Now it depends on how to ask for aces. I would use 4S in this sequence, leaving 4NT as natural. If you are able to bid 4NT as RKCB for diamonds, the bidding would proceed 4NT - 5H (2, no QD). You can now count to 13 tricks via 2S 3H (after ruffing them good) 5D 2C and 2 heart ruffs. The problem is that two heart ruffs will use up the QD, so partner needs JD for the grand to be good. There's no way you can ask for JD. You might just choose to bid 7D because it will be good if one of the following occurs:

- partner has JD
- partner has QS (now you have 13 tricks on a 3-2 trump break)
- hearts are 3-3