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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
In standard ACOL it shows 4+ cards.
Sorry, I meant 4, and therefore you cannot support yet with just 3.

Actually this would show 3 card support, so the preferred response would be 4D. I'm interested that you would bid 2NT instead of 2S. Surely bidding 2NT would indicate only 2 or 3 spades? If partner had been 5-5 in Hearts and Spades, we would have missed that.
2NT shows the hand perfectly - 23+ balanced. As 2H shows five hearts, then 2NT denies three hearts so pretty much guarantees at least 3 spades. The only time you would not have three spades is if you have chosen to bid 2NT with 2-2-5/4. Similarly, you have virtually guaranteed 3+ diamonds, so the hand with 5-5 in the reds knows there is a diamond fit.

With 5-5 spades and hearts, responder should bid 2S initially, not 2H, so that is not a problem. If it goes 2C - 2S - 2NT, he can now bid 3H followed by 4H if necessary to show 5-5. Again, if partner bids 2NT over 2S, there is a virtual guarantee of 3 card heart support.

If responder is 4-5 in S-H, the bidding goes 2C - 2H - 2NT - 3S, so again there will not be a major suit fit missed.