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Partner could have as little as Jxxx in hearts, but a slam is a definite possibility even so - we can cross-ruff spades and diamonds. So bid 4NT Blackwood and we can always stop in 5H. If we're playing RKCB a 5S response would be the most difficult - which of SA, HA, or CA does partner not have?

I've read about but am not fully au fait with cue bids but I'm not sure I can use them here as I'm missing HA. Theoretically, the sequence could continue 4S-5C-5D, but what then? Bidding 5H would stop the sequence (with HA would partner bid 5H or 6H?). Suppose partner had SAQxx HJxxx DK CQJxx? And partner doesn't know I have six hearts - for all she knows, I might only have four.