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Originally Posted by Biotop View Post
Fun hand from the club tonight:


Both sides vulnerable.

This is how, I think, the bidding should have gone:

Partner opens pass.

RHO bids 4 hearts!


S: A, Q, xxx
H: void
D: A, K, xx
C: A xxx

We have takeout double marked through 4D only.

What do you bid?
My partner would have left a double in for penalty. So I don't know what to bid. But here is what really happened:

Partner had:

S: Kxxx
H: x
D: Q, J, xxxx
C: xx

But partner had his heart mixed in with his diamonds! He bid 3 Diamonds to open. RHO bids 4 hearts. I look at my hand and 5 diamonds seems a sure bid with partners supposed 7 Diamonds, so I bid 5 diamonds. The other guys bid 5 hearts. I think one of them must be void in diamonds, so a double is too risky. I bid 6 Diamonds. It is passed out and partner, already apoplectic at my "overbidding" suddenly sees he only has 6 Diamonds in his hand not 7.

The hand makes 7 Diamonds cold. A top board for us as most everyone else defended a heart game.

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