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Most people here play X thru 4H as takeout. Is there some reason why you only play thru 4D?
Also, your partner's vulnerable preempt looks a little light to me, even with 7 diamonds. I only count 5 1/2 tricks. Plus, I hate to preempt with a good major holding and an unpassed partner. Too many times you end up missing a major suit game. Although they do say it's a bidder's game.

Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Partner opened 2H (strong), I responded 2S, he then rebid 2NT, and I was somewhat flummoxed by this and bid 4H. He made 11 tricks, letting an opponent get a ruff. I'm thinking that my partner should have opened 2C or 2NT, not 2H as 2H indicates an unbalanced hand.
You have a good idea of partner's strength (if not his shape). Does he know how strong your hand is? (I'm not familiar with strong 2s).
Whatever partner opens (and I don't disagree with 2NT or 2C), I think you need to push for slam. Would you have bid 2S with zero points? 4H by you sounds like a sign-off. Maybe just try 3H and see what partner does next?