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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
Here's one from last night which I got wrong

Partner holds

S: Kx
H: AQTxx

I hold

S: QJTxx
H: Kxx
D: AJx
C: xx

Partner opened 2H (strong), I responded 2S, he then rebid 2NT, and I was somewhat flummoxed by this and bid 4H. He made 11 tricks, letting an opponent get a ruff. I'm thinking that my partner should have opened 2C or 2NT, not 2H as 2H indicates an unbalanced hand.
I would open partner's hand 2C, irrespective of whether it is J or Q clubs. The good 5-card heart suit is worth an extra point anyway. After that, it is simple to get to 6NT. 2C - 2S - 2NT - 6NT is feasible. You could use Gerber over 2NT to find out you are not missing an ace and a king.

There's no benefit in playing in hearts when you have masses of tricks, especially playing pairs. Indeed, if hearts are J9xx offside, you will go down in 6H when 6NT makes.