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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
An interesting hand came up last night: I opened 1NT (12-14) and my partner passed holding Sxx Hx DAQJ98 CKxxxx. I held SAK Hxxx DKxxx CAxx, making 9 tricks. 6D would have been an easy make as CQJ were doubleton - one of us held the Ten. We were playing transfers and a transfer to the minors via 2S usually requires 6 and he might have missed.a club fit. What should my partner have bid?
It's tough to reach minor suit contracts after a no trump opening unless you have specific system agreements to handle it. With some partners I play that 3C = 5-5 minors, invitational; 3D = 5-5 minors, game forcing. That would work on this hand. Partner bids 3C and you are happy to bid game in diamonds.

Without that sort of convention, I probably would invite game in no trump and hope that one of the minors comes home. And that opponents do not lead hearts as they have at least 5 to cash. I don't criticize a pass of 1NT, though. I imagine +150 is a decent result at pairs.