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Doctor to patient: "Well, we have two options here. Option one is that you get to live for a few more weeks--months at best. The quality of your life will go down, but we will try to manage the pain as much as possible, and you will have some more time with your family. Option two is that we cut off your head now and maybe in a few hundred years total strangers will decided to make a computer program based off a thumbnail sketch of your memories. We'll let you think it over."

I don't know why you keep acting like this is some sort of escape from death. You will still be dead. No matter how good the little computer game based on your brain might be, you'll still be dead. You'll never know anything about it, ever, because you will be rotten, dead meat banished to eternal insensate oblivion. So why should you care whether some computer program in the future thinks that it is you? It won't be you. You won't know about it. You will be nothing. Ever again.