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Originally Posted by Heffalump and Roo View Post
I wasn't there, and that's not my question.

I live in a place where I know the people who live around me. I generally know the people visiting them. If I see someone wandering around their places that doesn't look like they belong, what are the options I have?

Do the options differ based on the color of their skin?
Why do you say Trayvon didn't belong? His father lived in that community and Trayvon was living with him. Do you think Zimmerman personally knew every person in the area? If not, what reason did he have for thinking that Trayvon was "suspicious" aside from race?

As for your options:
1) mind your own business.
2) no, that's it.

You don't get to say someone looks like he "doesn't belong". If they are doing something illegal, or something that looks like it might be illegal, you call the cops. If they just look like they don't "belong" you mind your own business.