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Originally Posted by Babale View Post
You don't get to say someone looks like he "doesn't belong". If they are doing something illegal, or something that looks like it might be illegal, you call the cops. If they just look like they don't "belong" you mind your own business.
Along with RaftPeople's examples, I have a bunch of my own.

A neighbor sees someone shining a flashlight into someone's window. Stopping to ask why they're doing that seems more reasonable than watching them continue or waiting to see if he really does break in.

A neighbor sees someone sitting out in the street, talking to someone on the phone. They don't go in a house. They just sit there, for an hour or more. They get up to go toward an empty house every once in a while.

A neighbor sees someone coming out of someone's yard. They are unfamiliar with them and don't see their neighbor that they are familiar with, at the house.

You're saying that the only option available is to call the police when asking might clarify what's going on.