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Originally Posted by kopek View Post
I have nothing to add really other than a glowing sense of pride that I know someone banned by Twitter. Now if someone I know gets banned by FaceBook I can die happy.
Yo! I got banned by Facebook (for not being my real name)! So check that off your list. I joined way way back before there were any requirements (easily in first 10,000 ppl as only 4 schools). They kept changing their use policy, I kept ignoring them and never gave them any identifying information, phone number, etc. Finally about 3 years ago, I pointed out some serious hypocrisy in a school equity debate and my arguee reported me to Facebook as being a fake name.

They wanted a picture of my drivers license or passport to stay alive. [but don't worry folks, they would delete the image within 30 days!!!] They didn't like my hand drawn replicas of such items telling Facebook to go eff itself. After a year, my account finallly seems to have deleted itself- so make sure that everything you want deleted is gone before you get banned. I stopped using it seriously/productively in 2004 when they first upped their "we now own your picture rights". I needed to keep it for community and school groups. Oh the random clubs I had joined additionally in order to keep their algorithms guessing.

Speaking of which: dehumidifier, welder, rubber duck, checkers [these are my current words for checking in to see who and where I am being listened to. If I get corresponding google or amazon results, I'll know for sure]