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Originally Posted by Boycott View Post
I think people forget the 2008 primary and how dirty it got at times. Dog whistles from the Clinton campaign vs latent sexism from the Obama campaign. If twitter was as big then as it is now that would have been quite a fight.

In the end it was when Obama pulled off Iowa where there was a giant shift to his side. I think black voters particularly in the South where waiting with eagerness to see what the majority white Iowa decided.
This is a good post. I am obviously not black, but my sense all along is that black voters would support someone other than Biden if they can demonstrate their mettle as a candidate, and they'd pull away from Biden if they felt he was a dangerously weak and feeble candidate. I don't think we're there quite yet, but there's enough evidence that the voters can shift and flip the tables on Biden. His campaign surely knows that.