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Originally Posted by pkbites View Post
So letís say the 2nd gets repealed.

Most states have constitutions that include an individual right to bear arms, and have laws that allow for the bearing of those arms both in private and public.

What authority does the federal government have to tell the individual states they cannot allow their citizens to own or bear the arms of their choice while in those states?
Pretty much none. They could ban the interstate movement of guns. They already ban the interstate sale of guns, unless you are a dealer.

So in order to ban guns, you'd have to get all fifty states to agree. I mean, that's what the gun grabbers have said themselves, when it's been pointed out that some areas did ban handguns, and it did nothing to affect violent crime. Or that CA has banned "assault weapons" for quite some time now, with no effect. The gun grabbers say that those local bans are useless, as the guns move across state lines. That does have some truth to it.

So then wait a minute, not only are we gonna have to get all fifty states to ban guns, but then there's still 3-400 millions guns out there, so of course the killings will continue. Then the gun grabbers will say that "of course they continue. we need to not only ban guns nationwide, but confiscate all other existing guns". In other words, house to house searches and confiscation.

And since banning "assault weapons " is Constitutional, what do they want to ban? Well, of course all semi-autos. Then since a bolt of lever action can be fired almost as fast, ban them too- and since handguns are the biggest use in crimes, ban them also.....

ah that slope is very slippery indeed....