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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
The national Gd is no longer in any way shape or form a Militia.
Dick Act, 1903. Not that you gotta like it. Also do please note that it all became moot anyway when the Regular Army was founded. 1791, for the record.

and calling the "unorganized militia" = "Imaginary" is like calling the Moon Walk a hoax.
If it's real, where do I go to find it? Hint: Only the gun crowd has ever even heard of it. If it ever did become a real thing, it wouldn't be "unorganized" anymore, now would it?

If something doesn't actually exist in the real world, legal fictions notwithstanding, then yes, it is imaginary.

Originally Posted by bump View Post
Ultimately it's none of anyone else's business what rifle I choose to buy, as long as it's legal. And who are YOU to tell me otherwise?
It's the business of anyone you might intend to shoot or threaten with it. And you are YOU to tell us you never will? You did buy the thing, after all.

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