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Originally Posted by KidCharlemagne View Post
Just took a look, and their mission statement is definitely noble. I really wish Reddit had a damn topic directory. How the fuck am I supposed to find that? I know there is an "is there a subreddit for that?" subreddit, but some of the design choices on Reddit absolutely boggle my mind.
I don't follow /r/TheMotte, but I know it used to be the Slate Star Codex subreddit, and I read the Slate Star Codex blog. You get a lot of interesting political discussion over there, especially in the open threads which frequently go over a thousand posts. The blogger is rather left-wing, but of a somewhat libertarian flavour of left-wing, so the comment section has attracted quite a few right-wing posters who appreciate their views being tolerated. There is a variety of right-wing voices, from anarcho-capitalists to conservative catholics and I'm sure a few Trump supporters, as well as a variety of left-wing voices, and there is (usually) a real attempt made over there to debate rationally. It is much less of an echo chamber than the SDMB, so more interesting in this regard.

Negatives are that it's not a message board or a subreddit, but just a comment section, so finding debate threads can be difficult. As I've said, the open threads go over a thousand posts, so it can be difficult to find what has been discussed. I usually just search for words in the threads, but maybe there's a better way I don't know about. Rules are here, but there is also a rule that "culture war" issues are only to be discussed in some but not all of the open threads (I forget which ones, and it's not mentioned there).