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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
... If Warren, Bernie and Biden all stood exactly the same chance of defeating Trump, would you still be going with Biden?
Ive been wavering between Warren and Biden lately but beyond electability it would still be close. Likely Biden.

I think the ACA is something to laud and build on not tear down, that what is called MfA is at best problematic. I don’t like Warren’s position against using nuclear power as part of all of the above. I think Biden is a better choice for dealing with international affairs. I think Biden would likely actually deliver more of the progressive agenda than bold but doomed to not pass plans would. But Warren hits on wealth inequality more and I see that as a key issue.

Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
Here's some great messaging from Biden: what's bad is that Trump tried to pressure a foreign country to interfere with the 2020 election. What's even worse is that we're down 2 points in Iowa.

I kid you not.
I thought it was funny. Clearly intended as such. Your humor mileage may vary.

Listening to talking heads today the take is that this Ukraine bit will help Warren. I think it will help Biden. Not only is it pretty clear there is nothing there it ends up highlighting his active role in the Obama administration. That plays into his messaging bigly.