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I don't know what it means nowadays.

But back in the 1940's my grandfather bought a set of kitchen pots and pans, from a door to door salesman. Dude must have been good, Grandpa was not an easy person to get to spend money. There was a warranty that if they ever broke they'd be replaced free.

Anyway, fast forward forty years, and the handle on one of the pots breaks. Just for fun they wrote to the company(still in business) explaining the break, and asking to buy a new handle. They got sent it for free. No wonder they were still in business.

I remember those pots Grandma had. Talk about heavy duty.

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When I bought my piano back in '76, the salesguy told me that Kimball used to offer a lifetime warranty but they changed it to 75 years, figuring the buyer would be dead in that time. So, what are the chances I'll still be alive in 2051? I turn 97 that year.

You need to live until that time, just to have the fun of calling them on it.
At least my dog loves me.

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