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Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
True, but bear in mind that, up until the early 1960s, while much of the South was staunchly Democratic, many white Democrats from southern states were segregationists, who left the Democratic party for the GOP in the wake of Democratic support for integration and the civil rights movement.

What's relevant for a modern comparison is looking at the parties of Kentucky governors since 1970, though that still proves your point, since most have, in fact, been Democrats.
I agree, except you drew the line too early. I grew up in a Southern state, and I would say the switch from Democratic party to Republican was still ongoing into the early 2000s. There was a huge political/ideological realignment of the parties, which took a long time to fully happen.

Here is a list of House members who switched parties. Starting in the mid-20th Century, you can see a marked shift in Southern state representatives moving from Democrat to Republican, with many occurring into the early 2000s. I take pretty much any "It's been X-long since a Democrat . . ." whatever, in a Southern state as a fairly meaningless statement because of party realignments in the South.

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