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Originally Posted by Rick Kitchen View Post
The county council of Delaware County, Pennsylvania is 5-0 Democrat for the first time since the Civil War.
That is absolutely amazing. In 1955 my family moved from Philly to Delco. In those days the political power in a county government was a 3 man (okay, person, but they were all men) commission and each party was allowed to put up only two candidates. This guaranteed a minority voice on the commission, right? Not exactly. The Republican majority in Delco was so large that they could afford to have 15,000 Republicans register as Democrats and get to vote in Democratic primary for a DINO who was really a Republican and so there were never any real Dems on it. So now Delco is entirely Democrat and I think that's amazing.

I just googled it and discovered that the county chose this form of a 5 person council, the first county in PA to do so.