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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Not to rain on your parade (well, kind of), but I think you're reading far too much into this Kentucky win.

1) Kentucky has a long history of electing dems for governor (only 3 Republican governors in the last 70+ years)

2) Bevin's loss has far more to do with his own personal unpopularity than some party realignment in the suburbs. While Bevin was losing his race by ~5,000 votes, the Republican candidates were trouncing the dems in statewide races for Secretary of State (by ~65,000 votes), Attorney General (by ~221,000 votes), Treasurer (by ~301,000 votes), Auditor (by ~205,000 votes), and Agriculture Commissioner (by ~276,000 votes)

I suppose you could be entering "the golden age of Democratic rule", but it's more likely that you're not. Kentucky hasn't "turned blue".
Even more to that point ... I went to see how 2015 went down, hoping to see that at least the Ds had lost those races by smaller margins this time. Oops. Ds had won KY AG and SoS in 2015. Treasurer they lost by fewer ... so on. I'm having to conclude that this was more about a confluence of Bevin's unpopularity and Beshear's strength there. Yeah McConnell is similarly unpopular but is his competition as known and liked as Beshear is?