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There are Holocaust deniers, and there are Holocaust minimizers

David Irving, the British writer of history books... is not so much an outright Holocaust denier as a Holocaust minimizer. He is convinced that no one was gassed at Auschwitz. He does not deny that many Jews died there, but claims this was mostly from disease. He also concedes that others were shot, in Poland and elsewhere, by overenthusiastic S.S. men, but he has argued that Hitler had nothing to do with this. So no gas, no plan by Hitler, thus no Holocaust. People who remember differently are, inI rving's peculiar phrase, "the Auschwitz Survivors, Survivors of the Holocaust, and Other Liars—A.S.S.H.O.L.E.S."

Then there's Fred Leuchter, who claimed cyanide wasn't used in the camps to gas people but to delouse them. To "prove" this, he went to Auschwitz and other camps and surreptitiously chipped samples off walls, ceilings, and floors. Then he took them to a lab in Boston He didn't tell the lab the source of the chunk or his intentions. The lab found only traces of cyanide in the sample, which Leuchter then trumpeted as proof nobody was gassed at the camps. But cyanide only penetrates the depth of a human hair, and when the lab pulverized the samples, they diluted them. Too late: Leutner had already spread word of his "proof."

It's easy to convince people of the lies they want to believe but difficult to argue them out of those beliefs, no matter how strong the evidence.