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Originally Posted by MortSahlFan View Post
My older relative had a teacher who got fired for saying, "Communists, homosexuals, gypsies were rounded up and killed. Most happened to be Jewish.".. I asked for more about the guy, but he couldn't remember.
Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
WTF. That's simply the truth. 6 million Holocaust victims were Jews, 6 million were other groups.
It isn't "simply the truth" that most communists, homosexuals, and Romani were Jewish.

MortSahlFan reads to me as describing an incident from quite a few years ago; and the teacher may well have thought of "communists, homosexuals, gypsies" as all being groups who most people at the time would deplore. The quote reads to me as the teacher meaning to denigrate Jews by saying that most of the members of denigrated groups were Jewish.

Even if that wasn't part of it, the statement as given clearly means to say that Jews weren't targeted solely for being Jews; which is nonsense.

Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Most experts consider it so, but it's somewhat debatable
No, it really isn't debatable. -- well, I suppose everything's debatable in some sense; but the Armenian genocide really shouldn't be. It doesn't have to be the same in every exact detail as what the Nazis did in WWII to count.

Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
I got called a denier by pointing out that yes, Communists, homosexuals, and gypsies were also killed off. So were "politicals", my Euro relatives were sent to Dachau where perhaps, they had it a tiny bit better than the Jews. But not much as when the Allies captured the camps, many Politicals were sent to Soviet Gulags.

So "denier" is waved around a bit too much.
Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Yeah, sure. But what I was told, and called a "denier' is that "to mention anyone else but the Jews, who were the REAL targets of Nazi hatred, is to dilute the Holocaust" and thereby I was a "denier".
I'd like some more context for that; because I've never run into anybody saying that. Of course Communists, homosexuals, Romani, political opponents, the differently abled, a lot of Polish Catholics, and members of some other groups were also targeted and murdered in the camps; that is indeed simple fact. Who called you a denier simply for saying so? (I don't mean name, necessarily, but general context: someone on these boards? a workmate? a family member? somebody at a party?) Was it an isolated incident, or have you had this happen often; and if you've had it happen repeatedly, was it always the same person, or the same context?

And I'd also like the context of your pointing it out; because, while I'm not saying you were doing so, there are some people who try to use that information to minimize or denigrate the impact on Jews. If the phrasing of your statement, or the context in which you brought it up, gave the impression that that was what you were trying to do, that could justifiably get you some pushback.