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Originally Posted by aceplace57 View Post
Josh was a young teen when this occurred. The father reported it to the police. Since then Josh has had no further known issues.

Its pretty silly to label a young teen a pedo for being curious about girls. What he did was wrong and illegal. But it in no way reflects on his behavior as an adult. He was a curious and horny teen with hormones running wild. Just like any other horny young boy who gets his first erection.
It is not normal behavior sneak into your sister's bedroom and fondle their genitals when they are asleep. Or to attempt to touch a sibling's genitals when near them. This went on for months. Jim Bob did NOT report the behavior to the police until apparently at least a year after it happened. For all we know it did happen again. We know that Duggars did pretty much nothing to help protect their daughters from their brother's abuse.

They're shitty parents. He's a man with serious issues that would make most people avoid allowing their kids near him unsupervised. We are under no obligation to give into Duggar delusions about their own greatness or fail to point out where they have failed miserably.