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Originally Posted by Ethilrist View Post
"Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future."

One of my favorite Yoda quotes.
Thank you. I've written it down.

Originally Posted by AI Proofreader View Post
When they come up with genuine A.I., they absolutely have to allow us to interface with it while it uses the voices of people such as Samuel Jackson:

How did these motherfucking worms get in this motherfucking mainframe!
I think the master AI ought to have Mr. T's voice:
Originally Posted by Mr. T
I pity da foo who defies me. Die meatbags!!
That'll give the first (and last) Human / AI war the appropriate kind of narration.

Originally Posted by Mr. Nylock View Post
but SamuelA is very aggressive in his behavior and very quick to hurl all sorts of insults and cast disparaging remarks at other people.
And I don't really care about what other issues he has, most people have issues - people with more abusive personality types just use these various things to try to get a pass for their behavior.
Agree. I'm not trying to give the kid (much of) a pass.

What I meant at the end was If he learns, and learns quickly, he'll be OK to have around. If he can't or won't, he'll be gone, and good riddance to the behavior. No skin off my nose either way.

And I agree that for the rest of us, there's no practical difference between can't or won't. Individually and collectively we're under no obligation to tolerate the handicapped just because they're handicapped. And we're definitely not obligated to tolerate jerks just because they enjoy acting like jerks.

As this thread amply demonstrates, he's on probation (at best) with a lot of the community members who matter. That's not a stable place for him to sit. Ask not for whom the clock is counting down; it counts down for SamuelA.

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