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Thanks! The effect seemed to wear off a bit during the day yesterday but came back with last night's dose. I think it IS real, because it felt like it was going off and coming back on again, and because you folks say it could be so fast.

BTW my "excellent results for a back problem" included improving the numbness, pain, and paralysis", but I really couldn't remember if it took hours or days or weeks to notice. I took it for maybe 4 to 12 months, can't remember just how long either. After ramping down at the end, I retained the improvement it gave me. Wonderful stuff.

I gather this use of it is off label, too. Doc said it makes the nerve put out less signal in the particular situation where it is signalling because it is being damaged somewhere along its length, among its other actions.

Sigmagirl, sorry about the tic douloureux - I hear it can be really miserable and know of somebody else taking this for it. I guess opiates are way less effective on pain that gets to the brain without going through spinal cord nerve roots, right?