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Originally Posted by PoorYorick View Post
Maybe I'm just an innocent, but I think it's interesting that everyone apparently thinks that "do what you feel" means "fuck like jaded monkeys." To me, it meant that since you didn't have any money, you'd have to do something that didn't, you know, cost money. Didn't any of you guys ever go on a date when you were broke?
I think a lot of the implications lie in "take her out for a meal", which suggests the singer will be picking up the tab himself--generally if you are taking someone else out, you are going to be paying, yeah? So the singer could afford to buy the poor girl a meal if he wanted to, but he doesn't feel the need to do that. And if he could buy her a meal but instead just wants to do what he feels...well.

Looking at the rest of the lyrics, though, I think the more innocent interpretation might be preferred. Since they're pretty much unintelligible, though, it's not surprising that many people (including myself) assumed he'd fuck his date like a jaded monkey if he didn't need to impress her daddy.

Edit: Ninja'ed by Lynn. Should've previewed, but I'm new to posting. Be gentle? But I don't think she's stretching or overreading at all; what she describes is a pretty well-known cultural convention, I'd thought, and is exactly what I'd always assumed whenever I heard the song. It can hardly be a stretch if it's the first thing that comes to mind.

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