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But I don't think she's stretching or overreading at all; what she describes is a pretty well-known cultural convention, I'd thought, and is exactly what I'd always assumed whenever I heard the song. It can hardly be a stretch if it's the first thing that comes to mind.
It MIGHT be a generational thing. This song came out in 1970, and that's when I heard it. And just about all the kids in my age group assumed that a girl with a poor father would be an easy, cheap screw, and that's how they interpreted the song. The guy always chose what sort of date it would be, unless the girl requested something special, and girls were cautioned to be considerate of their dates' wallets. So, a guy could choose to take his date to a fancy restaurant (and going out to eat was a much bigger thing then) or he could choose to just go riding around (and gas was much cheaper then, and cruising was pretty common among teens).