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You're not a loser. I would be so pissed if that happened to me. That woman had no right to throw out your things, no matter what they were or how old they were. I'd follow up with the cleaning company, but I'd be writing reviews, too.

It's probably not the animals so much as what (childhood?) or who they represent. I have a 53-year-old well-loved lump of former plush that used to be a bunny. it was given to me when I was born by an uncle who died in his twenties when I was two years old. It's gross and is in a box in the attic, but I can't throw it away. I also have a large teddy in the closet given to me by an aunt shortly before she died in 1997. I slept with it for a year after she died so now it's worn out and I can't give it away, but I can't throw it away, either.

Also, they seem alive. I can't kill a spider, so how can I throw away something even bigger with eyes and an expression??