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Oh God, thank you all so much for being so understanding and open with stories about your own treasured things! I can't tell you what it means not to be judged for caring about these little animals for so long, and for mourning their loss. They represented tons of memories of the stories my sister and I created when we were kids that involved these animals (and dozens more) in their own land, rather originally called Poohcity.

(Although, now that I think of it, this was definitely a country, it had its own national anthem and language, and celebrated its own Olympics every four years... okay, clearly we didn't think the name issue through!)

I do still have those memories, and even some keepsakes remain. The Poohcity charter and official national anthem scroll are in a scrapbook, and I know I've got at least one old recording of me and my sister at 8 and 10 presenting/commentating the Olympics games for Poohcity radio station WNBT. Still, in the end, what was dearest to me and most meaningful was hugging Pooh tight when I went to sleep.

As far as my addressing this situation with the company/ies involved: I wrote to my contact at the clutter-cleaning company, explaining what happened. I reminded her that I'd gone to her company because the staff understood the psychological attachments hoarders/clutters have to their belongings. I felt she should know that a third-party laundry (to whom this company probably sent a lot of business to) had been this careless and glib with one of their clients and her belongings.

Haven't heard back, but I wrote it on Friday, and they're Orthodox Jews, so she might not have gotten to it. Or maybe it'll just be ignored. It's all I can do as far as that company's concerned.

I'll have to get my nerve up to speak to the laundry again. Part of me is tired of having my hopes dashed. On Friday I got buzzed from my doorman, telling me that a package had arrived; I wasn't expecting anything, and somehow a trace of stupid optimism--which I thought I'd stamped out of my soul long ago--burst out and let me think: OMG, maybe it's a bag from the laundry with Pooh et al. in it!

That was a nice five minutes, but of course it turned out to be something I'd ordered from Amazon weeks ago and forgot all about. And then I got sad all over again. Hope sucks.

But I do need to talk to the laundry one more time, just because I should give them a chance to apologize or say anything appropriate before I hit 'em hard on Yelp. Though I'll be honest in my review and say that the clothing was cleaned very well. (And honestly, the other animals were cleaned well too. I guess if you put stuffed animals in superhot water and suds and tumble them around for ages, they'll get clean. They might also get destroyed and destuffed.*)

Anyway thank you all again for your suggestions and your kind, warm words. I wish I could've responded with a surprise happy ending, but obviously that wasn't gonna happen. Still, while I have the same mild nausea when I think of having been so irresponsible with belongings I cared about, I'm trying not to think about it too much and move on. There's nothing else to do, really.

* Destuffed sounds like a title of a mock film noir murder mystery starring stuffed animals. Sort of a Roger Rabbit vibe.)