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I'm late to the party, as usual, but I just wanted to chime in. I'm a middle-aged man and I have a grand total of three stuffed animals, which I would be quite upset to lose. They were given to me by dear friends in (relatively) recent years, and as such they have tremendous sentimental value.

One is a replica of the Velveteen Rabbit. Years ago, my partner (now ex, but still best friend) was astonished that I had never read the book as a child. He gave me a gift set that included the book and the aforementioned stuffed bunny. I display it proudly and prominently.

Another is a stuffed frog that my friends bought for me when we went to see "The Book of Mormon" on stage. You'd have to see the show to understand.

The third is a teddy bear that the same friends sent to me (along with balloons) in the hospital after my heart attack earlier this year.

I would be furious if some callous stranger destroyed them/threw them away and then lied about it.