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Originally Posted by cwthree View Post
Not trying to hijack the thread, but can you tell us more about this picture? Are these three Bull Terrier skulls showing a change in breed standards over time? Or is only the bottom one a Bull Terrier skull?
They show changes in the breed over time. All three are bull terrier skulls, dating from from 1931, 1950, and 1976, top middle and bottom respectively.

Here are a couple early bull terriers from the late 1800's.

Patsy Ann in the 1930's.

Four 1950's dogs (Amazon preview, zoom in for a closer look).

Modern bull terrier with exaggerated downface.

I should note that this extreme "downface" isn't exactly what the best breeders are aiming for. The cream of the crop are slightly more moderate, like this guy, with a gently domed, egg-shaped face. That's true in most "fashion" breeds--there are some folks breeding for extreme type only... and, fortunately, some breeding for other reasons.