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Originally Posted by rhubarbarin View Post
I don't think there are recent, widespread morphological changes in French Bulldogs necessitating c-sections, any more than I think there are recent, widespread morphological changes in the heads of human infants or the pelvises of their mothers to explain the current yearly rate of 32% of American babies being born by c-section, up from 4.5% in 1965.

I'm sorry if you felt I was accusing you personally, I wasn't.

My belief is that before c-sections were routinely practiced in these dog breeds, there were heavy losses of both bitches and puppies during labor.
Ah, I guess it seemed that way because you specifically chose examples from my post to illustrate your points

So you do really just think it's for the fun of it? Out of convenience? If that's the case, why is it only a fad in certain breeds? Coincidentally ones with body shapes that frequently have trouble breeding and birthing naturally?

As you point out, the use of elective c-section and AI drastically increases the reproducibility and survivability of brood bitches and offspring which exhibit previously fatal traits. What selective pressure are you imagining that would prevent a corresponding increase in the frequency of these traits in subsequent generations?

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