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Prior to elective c-section: balanced skull-to-pelvis size ratio = surviving bitch, many generations of offspring. Exaggerated trait = dead bitch, no puppies.
Now: exaggerated trait = no problem reproducing, many generations of offspring.
What selective pressure stops this trait from continuing to increase with every generation of surviving pups, seeing as how at least some number of Frenchie breeders are actively selecting for these traits, or at the very least, nothing is preventing these dogs from being born and continuing on to breed?
Why do you assume that exaggerated traits led to dead bitches and no puppies 100% of the time?

I don't think this is the case at all. Some bitches had problems giving birth due to bone structure - this led to an increased incidence of puppies being born dead (it's not impossible to assist in the delivery of a stuck puppy, it's just that the one that gets stuck usually dies quickly) and an increased risk of death or injury for the bitch.