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Originally Posted by Mosier View Post
In that respect, the gun lobby punches waaaaay above their weight. They have way more influence than would be apparent by just counting sheer dollars.
That's because there are something like 70 Million gun owners in this nation. And 5-10 m of them are single issue. The lobby is peanuts, the voters are powerful.

There are about as many cars & pickups in the USA as guns.

Let us say we put the following "very reasonable" regulations on them- every vehicle that is a gross polluter can not be driven on public streets*, all vehicles must get at least 25 mpg, and no vehicle can have to ability to go faster than 90MPH. People would revolt. All reasonable, all would help the environment & global warming and cut traffic deaths.

* they actually passed that in CA, giving them like a year to fix or CA would buy it, but there was a massive revolt. A watered down version remains.