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Originally Posted by Lamoral View Post
Leave the objects themselves, the guns, out of it for the sake of this argument - it's a deeply held belief about something. Large numbers of Americans hold that belief. That belief has been part of the country's history from the very beginning. And it's been passed down over the generations, and there's also an entire economy supporting it which has existed for a long time.
Could it be honor culture? If you believe the world is a dangerous place where you have to constantly make sure other people know you're willing and able to hurt them (because they're constantly angling to get you) then it makes sense to prize guns that much.

Gun culture is stronger in the South and among the rural white working class, just like fundamentalist Evangelicalism, honor culture and the grunts of the Republican Party.

Relatedly, Prostestants in Northern Ireland treated Catholics like Southerners treated blacks, had paramilitaries and one of their leaders, Ian Paisley, was a mix between Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson. I haven't looked at South Africa much but perhaps those who know more can tell us of any patterns that might exist between the gun/violence/honor cultures of Apartheid South Africa, Northern Ireland and the rednecky parts of the US.

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