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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
I already gave one, Canada. Canada is #7 on the gun ownership per capita ratio worldwide and has basically no mass shootings. When they occasionally have something resembling one, their news media reports the incident but often refuses to even name the shooters, let alone give their whole story and a month of media focus. Finland is another. Iceland. Austria. Norway. Switzerland. New Zealand. All of them in the top 20 civilian gun ownership per capita countries, all with significant amounts of guns.
Let's look at the numbers, shall we?:

1. USA: 120guns/100 persons
2. Falklands: 62/100
3. Yemen: 52/100
4. New Caledonia: 42/100
7. Canada: 34/100
10. Finland: 32/100
12. Iceland: 31/100
14. Austria: 30/100
17. Norway: 28/100
19. Switzerland: 27/100

Even putting aside the types of guns permitted in all the above countries, making America not #1 with respect to gun ownership, would probably go a long way in reducing gun violence.

Or just continue to send thoughts and prayers to victims.
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