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Originally Posted by Clothahump View Post
One of the best schemes I have ever seen works like this.

You create a personal identifier: your initials, first X letters of your first name, whatever. Decide to make at least one of those characters uppercase.

You select a special character: !,@,# whatever

You select an identifier for the site you are logging into: first word of site name, common name, first X letters, whatever. Decide to make at least one of those characters uppercase.

You then pick a 4 digit number that is meaningful to you: last 4 digits of your work number, first 4 digits of your DL number, whatever.

For example: suppose I pick first 5 letters of my first name (1st character UC), special character @, common name of site *or* first five letters (second character UC) and my work phone ends in 1219. My password for the Dope would then be:


Plugging this into gives this result:


If I banked at Chase Bank, my password would be Cloth@cHase1219.
If I had an investment account at Fidelity, my password would be Cloth@fIdel1219. Etc.

It took me about a week to get used to this structure and I love it.
And your Microsoft password would be Cloth@mIcro1219.
Your Gmail password would be Cloth@gMail1219

So if someone sees your password on one website they can work out all of them on all other websites?

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