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Well, our president appeared with a weather map that was obviously and crudely altered with a line drawn by a Sharpie in order to "prove" his assertion that Alabama was in serious danger from Dorian. He seemed to genuinely believe his own delusion, which is what concerns me the most.

Not long after he was elected, and in a discussion on this board pertaining to his constant and obvious lies, I pointed out that there is, in fact, a condition where a person lies and actually believes the lies even if they are obviously lies to any observer. Our school councilors have cases like that. "Johnny" slaps "Billy" in the face right in front of an adult, but will adamantly deny doing so and many times ending up in tears because of the "unjust accusation" of the adult. As Trump has aged and his mental abilities have diminished, he has shown signs of slipping farther and farther into his delusions and lies. This could at some point become very dangerous because of the power he can bring swiftly to bear without the approval of Congress.
"The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance -- it is the illusion of knowledge."
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