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Originally Posted by Calavera View Post
Judge Gen insisted her memories be selectively deleted to make it fair.
Well she remembers Chidi, but only as another lecturer at the university so it seems that all of Simone's memories after Eleanor arrived were wiped. Which means it's possible she lived for several decades afterwards thanks to Jeremy Bearimy.

Originally Posted by Fair Rarity View Post
Something definitely happened there. Why show us such an inconsequential scene if it wasn't secretly consequential?
It could just be a red herring.

Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
Would need to be a sufficiently evolved Janet to be able to run the test neighborhood...
Speaking of Janet running the neighborhood, is it just me or is she getting overwhelmed? Janets are designed to run neighborhoods filled with hundreds of humans and simultaneously fulfill their requests so given that there are only 7 humans one would think this neighborhood would be easier to run. Of course managing the fake humans (who hopefully we'll see interact with the real humans instead of just running around in the background), some of whom were created by Derek might be draining her. Or it could just be that now that she's evolved self-awareness and emotions she's experiencing stress for the first time.
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