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Originally Posted by TheFuture View Post
Yeah but again that doesn't really make sense since Elliot Rodger went on his killing spree before there was even an incel forum for him to post in and Alek Minassian only referenced 4chan and 4chan was based off of an equivalent Japanese site in the first place.

So it would suggest either there's a cultural difference as it pertains to celibacy, things are overhyped here in the west ("incel bogeymen"), or maybe Japan actually has the same problems but we don't hear about them in the same way.
Oh, I won't say that there aren't people who are bitter sexist misogynistic fucks straight out the gate, without any help. I mean, somebody pushed it to the depths of the toilet where it now resides, and it would have to be guys like that. But also, as I previous mentioned and which you ignored because of reasons only you know, the group doubtlessly existed prior to taking on the "Incel" label. The dude posted on bodybuilding forums, you said? It's my understanding that there's a huge focus on appearance in that subculture too.

And as for Japan, aside from the rather large cultural difference that Inceldom seems to have sprouted from english language communities, it appears that in Japan they're getting hikikomoris, who have internalized their anxieties to the point of withdrawing from society, rather than blaming other people and hating society. Which seems significantly more mature, if you ask me.