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Solution to the abortion madness? Make vasectomies for men universally available for free/low cost

Maybe I'm opening a can of worms here, and I feel like I have to throw in a few caveats: (1) I am as pro-choice as they come, (2) I think what's happening in Red America re: new abortion restrictions is heinous, and (3) I think even if SCOTUS overrules Roe you'll just start seeing a bunch of Blue states openly ignoring that decision anyway. But still, something I keep thinking is that *maybe* a world with vastly restrictive abortion laws would be more bearable *if* laws & operational norms regarding vasectomies in men were massively liberalized.

I mean, in my own case as somebody who is about as interested in having children as I am in having an un-anesthetized root canal, I found it incredibly maddening when a doctor turned down my request for a vasectomy on the basis that I was too young (26 at the time). I just think that, given that vasectomies are *the* most effective form of birth control, and that most men generally don't want to have kids anyway, a way to get around this Handmaid's Tale-like situation with onerous Red State abortion laws would be to broaden the availability of vasectomies writ large. The procedure could be made universally available to all men above the age of 16 and then subsidized in some way so that it would be either free or low cost.

I obviously don't know how tenable this idea would be - or even what the take up of this policy would look like - but I just think it could constitute some sort of workaround for the potential illegalized abortion era we may be entering. What do you think?