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Oh, another odd one I remember from Budapest: when I moved there in 1998, I lived in a block of flats in a working class area in the 13th District, along the Pest side of the Danube. On the way to the subway everyday, I passed a storefront eatery that proudly advertised -- partially in English, for some reason (though this is not an area you would expect tourists or English speakers) -- its "authentic Chicago-style wraps." Being a born-and-raised Chicagoan, my curiosity was piqued. What in the hell could a Chicago-style wrap be? A burrito? At the time, the only association I had with "wraps" was as a West Coast, possibly Southwest/Santa Fe kind of thing. At any rate, in 1998 (and now), wraps were not associated at all geographically with Chicago or the Midwest.

After a couple of weeks, I worked up my nerve to go in and try one of these famous Chicago-style wraps. It turned out to be a large flour tortilla (or tortilla-like flatbread) stuffed with basically just meat and mashed potatoes. No crisp fresh vegetables to be found for counterpoint; nothing like the "fresh and light and vaguely healthy" association I had with the concept of wraps at the time.

It was ... interesting. I don't know if it was terrible, it just wasn't something I needed to have again, especially in the middle of a sweltry August. I do have to say, though, with all the meat and mashed potatoes, I could see why the word "Chicago-style" was associated with it. But, no. No such thing has ever existed here, or at least not existed to a level where it spawned an entire genre of foods called "Chicago-style wraps."