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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
For every spurious complaint filed by a loud-mouthed malcontent there are probably 100 legitimate complaints that go unreported because people's trust in the LE system is so low.
Then one would expect that with cameras the number of complaints to go up, not down, since the one spurious complaint would disappear but be offset by 100 new complaints that can now be substantiated.

Of course the premise of this thread is largely a product of confirmation bias and selective attention - the dashcam videos showing police behaving according to policy never make it onto the Internet.

And assholes are always going to complain about being arrested. One advantage of objective evidence is to point out bullshit, and there is at least as much or more coming from the arrestees as the arresters.

It's often "he was walking down the street minding his own business when the racist pigs shot him in the back!!!" and somehow it doesn't get mentioned that "walking down the street" means "jaywalking and blocking traffic with stolen goods in his hand" and "minding his own business" means robbing stores and assaulting clerks and "shot him in the back" means "shot him in the front after he assaulted a police officer and tried to grab his gun".