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Originally Posted by Steophan View Post
Yes, that's far more appropriate. Although if I were being extremely precise, I'd say it had a significant minority that needed to be out of a job. And whilst I wouldn't necessarily say that every single cop that uses too much force needs to be instantly sacked, some of the ones mentioned in that article really need to be, the ones who have a pattern of excessive force.

Body cameras seem to be the best current solution, and whilst they won't necessarily mean that everyone agrees what level of force is acceptable, it means that everyone will have a much better idea of what level of force is, in fact, being used.
a. I agree with the above. I mis-spoke about jail in a fit of pique. Mea culpa. But sacked they should be.

b. I also agree about cameras, for the reasons Steophan lists. Video at least gives everybody a semi-agreed upon starting point in any discussion about use of force. As I've mentioned here and elsewhere, the experiment in Rialto, CA seems to be rather conclusive that cameras drastically reduce complaints (decreased over 80%). It seems cameras keep both sides more honest in their dealing with each other.

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