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Originally Posted by US Bureau of Labor Statistics View Post
I remember that somebody printed a similar shirt with the DeCSS code on it. DeCSS is a small computer program that will decrypt DVDs; per many nations' modern copyright acts (DMCA, etc) it is illegal to possess or distribute DRM-breaking tools.

The shortest implementation of DeCSS was about 500 characters, or small enough to fit on a shirt, so some group printed them up with the same "This shirt is illegal in N countries" slogan.
People did much the same thing with an implementation of RSA, a strong encryption algorithm, back when exporting strong encryption from America was illegal. However, those shirts didn't say "This shirt is illegal", they said "This shirt is a munition", as that's what the American government classified strong encryption as.

It's still illegal, to the best of my knowledge, to export something like RSA to North Korea. However, the days of having to download the strong version of GPG from a site in Canada are long over. (Yes, even if you were an American citizen in America: You can't reliably tell where someone is over the Internet, and nobody wanted to take chances.)

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