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Originally Posted by Railer13 View Post
You seem to be completely hung up on a trivial 'You said it. No I did not' argument. Meanwhile, you've been asked a couple of times to provide solid evidence to back up your claim regarding the caravan being funded by George Soros. Perhaps you can do that rather than pursue this pointless debate?
I'll look further into it and report back.

As far as the pointless debate. That imbecile keeps putting forth lies. He is completely ignorant of the most rudimentary debate basics—like what a claim is, how to support a claim, the difference between a poster and a poster's particular position, moving goal posts, etc.—yet he goes on with his lies and dumbistry, compounding them as he goes.

Anyway, not a lot of time lately, but I will provide what you asked for. To be clear, my claim was that his money was making it's way to the groups that ultimately provided the aid. And I am not of the mind that that they were funded by his money alone. But I will get back to you.