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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Now I'm intrigued: what about the premise did you find interesting?
Can't speak for Cat, but an enigmatic First Contact scenario, and Earth sending its first (and so far only) starship out to check out its (supposed) planet of origin, and running into the perils of real deep-space travel and exploration. Good fodder for a decent sci-fi series.

Of course most of the perils are, as have been noted upthread, crew-induced stupidity.

Like the hot-shot XO mutinying and overriding Cautious Captain's caution by trying to "slingshot" around a completely unknown/unmapped star, using the Hyperdrive shield-bubble to protect the ship. Except that they have no solid idea of the solar flare activity patterns of said star, and a super-flare erupts right in front of them, overloading & popping the shield-bubble, and almost wrecking their shiny new starship.

Then the XO, who came up with the previous boneheaded idea, deciding that Cautious Captain has to go, and getting himself killed for it.

Then landing on a planet with MacGuffin Crystals, in an attempt to replenish supplies, only to later find a large-ish moon in an extremely low orbit causing lethally catastrophic seismic activity (to the MacGuffin Miners) that they somehow missed, because they didn't bother to take a few laps around the planet first in order to see what might be around it that might pose any kind of hazard.

Then several crew members (who are supposed to be trained astronauts) popping their spacesuit helmets in a completely alien environment in order to breathe fresh air. In fairness, the first one checked O2 levels/atmospheric content before doing so, so they knew they had breathable atmo. But they completely overlooked any kind of biologicals screening.

Most of the crew act like petulant, spoiled, entitled assholes, not educated, trained professionals.

I can go on, but I think these few examples illustrate the Promethean levels of stupidity in this show.

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