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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Another important thing to consider -- regardless of race, American police kill tons of people. From some back of the envelope math I did in a previous thread, American police kill over 10,000 times as many people as UK police on a per capita basis. Sure, there are more murders and more guns in America, but on a per capita basis those differences are less than a factor of 10. That can't reasonably explain a difference in police killings of over 10,000.

So just as important (or maybe even more so) as possible racial bias in shootings is just the incredibly high rate of overall killings by police in America. It seems reasonable to suspect that maybe American police culture, practice, and policy lead to more usage of deadly force than necesary.
I agree. Cops kill too much. We need more non-lethal methods of neutralizing threats. But they do not appear to be disproportionately killing blacks (when all other things are equal). And THAT has been the source of considerable outrage from places like BLM.

BTW I don't think your math of the 10,000::1 is accurate. You would need to conclude that UK law enforcement only killed 28 people before 2000. I suspect that cops in this country use more unnecessary force than other countries. But I suspect that even a small elevation of the risk of police death has a fairly large effect on the use of force, particularly deadly force.

In any event back to the OP. Accusations of racism/sexism/bigotry are abused.