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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
You reach that "big number" by relying on very dubious assumptions. Your "real historical data" is a wiki page that only shows 55 deaths between 1687 and 2000. I'm almost positive that this is incorrect.

It might be more accurate to look at the deaths since 2000, which seem to be better documented. ~2.5/year compared to 1200/year. That leaves us with about 400 times as many cop killings in the US compared to the UK. The USA has about 5.5 times as many people so that is a population adjusted 14 killings/year in the UK compared to ~1200/year in the US or about 90 times more. So the multiple is still staggeringly large but nowhere near the laughable 14,000 multiple you are presenting.

Have you considered that perhaps you are too attracted to big numbers. They are frequently wrong and/or deceptive. You seem eager to believe ridiculous things that align with your preconceived notions.
If I suspected you were actually interested in a discussion, rather than "gotcha" and points-scoring, I might go further with you on this. But I no longer think this is possible, so I won't. Best wishes and happiness in your life.

Maybe I'm just too dangerous.

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