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Just a footnote: the whips' job is not just a one-way process. They are there to maintain a line of communication between back- and front-benchers, so as to warn front-benchers of how opinion may be developing on an issue, or of manoeuvres to launch a campaign on something or other. Likewise, individual senior ministers have, as the most junior member of their ministerial team, a "Parliamentary Private Secretary", who is an MP who keeps in touch with back-bench opinion on how their particular ministerial team are doing. A PPS gets no extra pay for this, but it's the first step to a ministerial career; they are naturally expected to vote with the government or to resign as a PPS if not; that wouldn't be the earthquake of a revolt by more senior ministers, but it can be a sign of trouble brewing.

At this particular moment, of course, the divisions and inherent instability of the situation are such that the wheels are falling off all round, and the conventional expectations have lost a lot of their force.

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